Park Staff

The Park staff is a team of Hamden town employees from Hamden Recreation and Hamden Public Works - Parks Division. The recreation and maintenance staff work together to create a clean & safe park, while offering programs and opportunities for the public. Director Craig Cesare, and Parks Division Supt John Torgerson provide leadership on all Park operations.

Resident Park Ranger: 

Vincent Lavorgna

Park Maintainer:

Ken Paecht Jr.

Barnyard staff:

Amy Kulikowski- Barnyard manager

Ali Grabarz

Park Specialist:

Peter Laffin

Pete is the Park's Sugar master, head gardener, and main beekeeper. He tends to the garden during the warmer months and collects sap to make maple syrup in the colder months. Pete also contributes to programming for school groups and camp.

Part-time Park Maintainers:

Mike Gibson & Michael Cummings

Mike and Michael work to make sure the park grounds and facilities are safe and clean. They also provide weekend coverage for the Park.  Their duties change with the seasons--helping in the garden, collecting sap, splitting firewood, and dealing with grass, leaves, snow and mud.