The Brooksvale Barnyard is home to three miniature horses, two Pygmy goats, two Dorset sheep, chickens, rabbits, and honey bees. The horses, sheep, and goats all have stalls in the barn with access to their pastures. The public is welcome inside the barn if the doors are open.  Otherwise, the animals can still be visited while they're outside grazing, munching on hay, or sun bathing. The rabbits are located in cages under a line of pine trees adjacent to the barnyard and the chickens have their coop right in front of the sheep's enclosure. PLEASE--no feeding anything to our animals and parents PLEASE monitor children closely, Thank you!



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Hi everyone! My name is Lightning and I've been at the park for 11 years. I'm a 16 year old miniature liver chestnut mare and I came to the park as a rescue with my mom, Tina. My mom isn't here anymore, but I have her picture in my stall along with her stall sign. My mom had problems with her stomach and with things she ate, which is why she isn't here anymore. My people who take care of me say I have the same issues, but I just don't realize it! I have my own special grain and I have to wear this thing called a grazing muzzle when I'm out in the grass field so I don't eat too much. I don't mind it, because I know it keeps me healthy! Actually, all miniature horses like me have problems where they can't eat too much or they can't eat certain foods. This is why I'm not allowed to take any food from visitors. Anyway enough about my diet-- I'm friendly and if I poke my head out of my stall, I would love to be pet! I love to run and I'm so smart that I know what "walk", "trot" and "canter" mean. I'm very happy here and I love quiet, soft and slow movements from people. If someone is loud and moves their hands around a lot, I get very scared. My people are also training me to pull a cart like my sisters! I'm doing pretty well if I say so myself, although I'm not too sure if my sisters are happy about it. Who says you can't teach an old horse new tricks? Thank you for visiting!




Tina was Lightning's mother and sadly passed away on September 25, 2015 from the sickness Colic. She had many issues with her digestive system and her diet had to be monitored extremely closely.  Tina will always be remembered at the park and by visitors who loved her. She was definitely the queen of the barn! Her stall sign with her name on it and her picture are hung on the back wall of Lightning's current stall as a reminder Tina will always be with us. Tina's passing is also something we want our park visitors to be aware of to spread the importance of not feeding our animals--miniature horses are extremely fragile with their diet and many foods will make them sick, including grass, apples, or carrots. Situations such as Tina's are devastating and these animals are family.



Hello! My name is Lacey and I’ve been at the park for over a year now. I'm a nine year old miniature paint mare. I came with my sister, Hazel, because Lightning needed some new friends so she wouldn’t be alone. We horses do better in herds than by ourselves, and Hazel and I were up for the challenge to come live with Lightning. Now that Hazel and I are settled into our new home, we love all the space we have to run around. I don't always enjoy being pet, so it's best to give me my space. Sometimes when my people are lunging me and Lightning at the same time, I like to race her to try to prove I’m faster! I also really love to pull the cart. My people trained Hazel and I and worked with us for a long time, although sometimes I just get too excited and want to go, go, go! Thanks for visiting my home!


Hey guys! I’m Hazel and I’m the smallest miniature horse here. I'm a nine year old miniature chestnut mare. I’m affectionate and love to be pet. Sometimes when I’m laying down my people will come over and pet me until I just fall asleep…what an awesome life I have! I love to pull the cart as exercise, too. Actually, I’m so good that my people let the camp kids learn how to drive with me one summer and I was able to give rides to people at our Fall Festival! It was hard work, but that’s what I’m bred for. Miniature horses were used to pull carts in coal mines, and because of our small yet strong bodies, we were perfect for it. I have a funny, goofy personality and I love my home!




Hey! My name is Kay-Kay and I have a grey and black coat. I’m a Pygmy goat and I love to play! I’m six years old and I was born here at the park with my twin sister, Ella. We are both females, even though I have a beard that I inherited from my mom. Sometimes I get pretty chatty and I will “baaa” at anyone who walks by my pen, so be sure to say hi back! I love to head-butt my sister to try to get her to play with me, but sometimes Ella just wants to eat or sleep. I’m friendly and love pets and scratches, so if I come into my stall to say hi don’t be shy!


Hi everyone! My name is Ella and I have a cream colored coat with some black markings. I look just like my mom did when she was here, just without the beard that my twin sister, Kay-Kay, has. I’m six years old and I have been here since I was a baby. I’m sweet and affectionate, but a little shyer than my sister. My hobbies are mostly sunbathing, getting warm and sleeping in some straw, or nibbling on some hay. Kay-Kay likes to head-butt me when she wants to play, but sometimes she doesn’t get the hint that I just want to relax and enjoy my awesome life here at the park.



 Hello! My name is Creampuff and I’m around 10 years old. I was born at the park and I also gave birth to my daughter, Lady Ba-Ba, here as well! I’m a white Dorset sheep with black markings on my nose. Sheep are known for being pretty shy and to keep to themselves, but I’ve become pretty used to people so sometimes I will come up to the fence to say hi. But if I don’t, I like my quiet time. Just like my friend Kay-Kay, I am also known to head-butt. Other than that, I love to chow down on some hay and just lie down and relax. I get my wool sheared every summer-- usually around late May or early June. My haircut happens just at the right time because I then feel good for the summer and I don’t have my heavy wool to carry around with me in the hot weather. Also, my wool grows back just in time for winter when it gets really cold and I need it. I would say I have a pretty great life here as a sheep!

Lady Ba-Ba

Hi! My name is Lady Ba-Ba and I’m six years old. I’m a white Dorset sheep and I was born here at the park. My mom, Creampuff, and I have lived together my whole life. I would say I’m the most shy out of all the sheep and goats here, which is why I mostly like to stay close to my mom. I like to lay in the sun, graze on some grass, and gobble up my grain every morning and night. I love my quiet time and get scared by loud noises and running! However, I am a friendly sheep and once I get used to certain people I’m sweet as can be.



Hello, my name is Cloud and I'm a female mini lop rabbit. I was brought to the park by one of the staff members and I have quickly become a favorite to the park visitors because of my cute stuffed-animal like appearance!

Little Foot

Hi all, my name is Little Foot and I am a female mini Rex and was brought to the park by a family. I am soft like velvet and very cute!


What's up? My name is Spencer and I'm a male Polish rabbit, which is a breed of a dwarf rabbit. I was brought to the park in 2010 and I am extremely friendly.


Hi there, my name is Wasabi and I am a female Tan, which is a small fancy breed of rabbit that are shown often at fairs. I am six years old and am the most shy out of all the bunnies.


Hey, my name is Babs and I am a female Lilac rabbit. I was abandoned at a local transfer station and was treated for mites in my ears. After about a week of my people cleaning my ears and making sure I was healthy, I was brought outside to join my rabbit friends. I have become extremely sociable and am enjoying my new life!



Hello! My name is Tonks and I am a female Belgian Hare mix rabbit. I was brought to the Park after I was found hopping around a parking lot by myself. I am very friendly and sweet. I have a beautiful grey and white coat with bright eyes. My best friend is my next door neighbor, Spencer.



Hey everyone! My name is Wally and I'm a male mixed breed rabbit. I'm under a year old which makes me the youngest of the Brooksvale rabbits. I arrived in the fall of 2017 and thanks to my neighbors, Babs and Wasabi, I'm settling in very nicely!


Hi all! We are a flock of Barred Rocks, New Hampshire Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and mixed breed hens. There is also one White Crested Black Polish rooster. The Barred Rocks are three years old, the Reds are two years old, and the Buff Orpingtons and mixed breed hens are under a year old. The Barred Rocks have a black and white striped pattern and are friendly birds. The mixed breed chickens are mothered by the Barred Rocks and New Hampshire Reds, and are fathered by a White Crested Black Polish rooster. The New Hampshire Reds are a dark red/brown color with black on their tails, which distinguishes them from Rhode Island Reds. All of the chickens are used in the camp program during the summer when they arrive as chicks. Campers learn how to feed, give water, handle the chicks, and collect eggs from the older hens. When visiting the chickens, they will probably come up to the fence and do their usual squawking and it’s because they think you have food for them, so please watch your fingers!

mother daughter hens.jpg




The park acquired two bee hives in the spring of 2016. The apiary is located behind the horse pasture, with plenty of signs and barriers to keep the public at a safe distance. The bees are a great addition to the park; pollinating the many flowers in the area and best of all--making honey! Unfortunately, the Park lost both hives during the 2016-2017 winter. We are contributing our bee loss to the fluctuating temperatures from the winter. In April of 2017, the Park obtained two new hives. Here's to hoping for a better year!