There are countless things to do at Brooksvale Park--visiting the domestic animal barnyard is exciting for both new and old who come to visit our animals. The park has over 700 acres with trails, which are great for taking a hike. The trailhead with a map is at top of the Park driveway. Going birding never gets old, since many birds visit us as they come and go, and some have actually decided to stay year round as they nest up in the hayloft inside the animal barn.



When the pond thaws out in the spring, this best time to view aquatic life--especially spring amphibians! During "camp season" in July, visitors can visit the Nature Center in the lower level of the Veterans Memorial Hall. Beside the swing set is the Wildlife Garden, where native plants are on display.


As the maple sugaring ends at the Sugar Shack, it wont be long before the garden is in full bloom. When the garden gates are open, visitors are able to walk through on the hay paths and view the flowers, fruits, and vegetables that are grown. There are many picnic tables available to sit and have lunch--or whichever meal you choose. Just please be sure to remember not to feed anything to our animals.

Brooksvale park farm garden

Brooksvale park farm garden


On a windy day, there's no better time to fly a kite in our open field, or play a ballgame (maybe not on a windy day.) Located off the large parking lot is an area to play horseshoes, although the Park does not supply shoes. Nature programs for schools and the public are available upon request. If you would like to request a program, contact the park ranger, Vinny Lavorgna at

NOTE: Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, ATV's and Dirt Bikes are NOT ALLOWED in the park or on any of our trails.